Aftershave Restoring Balm

Aftershave Restoring Balm

Trinity Hills

  • $20.00

When you shave, it creates microscopic cuts leaving your skin vulnerable. This is why it’s important to restore and protect your skin from the elements every time after you shave..

This all-natural balm is made with ingredients like 

Tamanu oil and organic shea butter - used for centuries to soothe the skin. In addition, 10 different herbs are masterfully blended to support your healthiest skin: deep cleansing witch hazel, anti-inflammatory calendula, and moisturizing comfrey, to name a few. With the scent of fresh cut lemons and relaxing, herbaceous myrrh and frankincense, you won’t even need cologne after dabbing this all-natural Aftershave Restoring Balm on your skin.

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