Trinity Hills

Trinity Hills Co. was founded in 2016 in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love with the intention to meet men’s grooming needs by crafting specific formulas to enhance masculinity. This mission led them to create handcrafted beard oil, beard balm, and other beard products. Trinity Hills ensures the highest level of quality by using ethically-sourced natural ingredients in their products. They are effective and healthy to use so the effort that you spend in bringing the best out of you is worth it.

The Founder, Wayne Toppin, is of Jamaican heritage and draws inspiration for starting Trinity Hills from his family. Growing up, he thought his family was too poor to buy commercial products. However, he noticed how healthy and smooth his skin and hair remained as he aged in comparison to his peers and eventually realized the value of the products he grew up with. Coming from a family of men who struggle to grow beards, Wayne made it his mission to provide a healthy product offering to fit men’s unique grooming needs.