About Us

Carlos LUYA FounderHey y’all! My name is Carlos, and I’m the founder of LUYA. A few years ago I grew my hair out, but quickly found out that I didn’t know how to properly take care of my newfound length. I had tons of questions like ‘how often should I shampoo’, ‘What’s the purpose of conditioning your hair?’, and ‘What products should I use?’ Naturally, my questions extended beyond my hair as I looked for great products for my skin and body as well.  I spent several months seeking advice from friends and family members and buying dozens of products along the way. Eventually, I reached a point where I was comfortable with my product regimen. Until.. 

One day I was examining my products and picked up a bottle and read its ingredient label. Wwhat is this stuff?!,’ I asked myself. There were tons of chemicals and concoctions. I couldn’t pronounce anything! I thought to myself ‘there’s no way this stuff can be healthy.’ 

Sure enough, I did five minutes of research and found tons of articles and research papers that linked Black hair and skin products to hair loss, skin irritation, and severe illnesses. I was disgusted and angered. There are many mainstream brands that target Black consumers for financial gain -  using cunning marketing tactics to draw our attention as shoppers but don’t provide high-quality, healthy products that adequately serve our needs. They don’t care about us. 

I built LUYA because WE deserve a place to go and shop with peace of mind, knowing that whatever we buy will be healthy, effective, high-quality and made with us in mind. That’s why we have extremely high standards for what we list on LUYA’s site. Before listing products, we get to know the brand founders, test their products to make sure they work, and only list the best options. 

This process allows us to have a tightly curated selection of products and brand partners. We don’t want to overwhelm shoppers. We believe there is value in having the right products instead of all products!

I’m also proud to say that all listed products are made for us, because they’re made by people like us. Our brands are all founded by Black entrepreneurs who truly care about creating healthy products for our community. Their love and passion are translated through the products. 

Moreover, purchasing through LUYA goes a lot further than you think. Our small business owners are also philanthropic, contributing economic opportunities to farmers and villages across Africa and the Caribbean Islands. 

I truly believe that LUYA has the BEST curation of products that caters to Black consumers in the world! I built this for US! 

Thank you for shopping!


- Carlos B.