Jacq's organic skin care

At Jacq’s, we believe in following nature’s lead. We trust in the wisdom of precious ingredients and the efficacy of simple formulas. We take our cues from the diversity of the botanical world. We marvel at the unabashed, empowered beauty of nature as she steps into herself and blooms with vibrant brilliance.

Barbara Jacques

When faced with adversity, nature led us to create Jacq’s. Upon receiving news of an ovarian tumor at the same time we learned we were expecting our daughter, we began formulating non-toxic solutions to meet the challenges goes my body. As our lives expanded to welcome our daughter, Jacq’s grew with us.

Jacq’s is passionate about making products that work for people of all ages, myriad of skin types, and a multitude of concerns. Our products are formulated to help you embrace your beauty as it exists right now and to evolve with you - in all your complexity, your diversity, your strength, your wisdom.

Our tropical ingredients are sourced in South Florida and made lovingly by hand in Miami. Fruits, roots, and flowers and infuse each of our products, delivering the purest, healing ingredients of uncompromising quality - without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetics, dyes or fragrances.

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