The Necessity of LUYA

In 2015, I decided to grow my hair out after realizing that I had never experienced life with my natural hair having any significant length. I wanted to know what it was like. During this transition, I was forced to become educated on how to best take care of my newfound length. 

How often should I shampoo? What is conditioning your hair about? How can I get my hair to shine? What is all this shedding about? What products should I use? 

I had so many questions! But finding the right answers wasn’t easy. I couldn’t find succinct solutions to all that I needed to know through an online search, and the people at Duane Reade certainly didn’t know.

Ultimately, I found resolution in my homegirls. My female friends were so educated. They answered my trivial questions, gave me hair routine recommendations, and pointed me towards the products that they used. 

But the process wasn’t easy! I talked to dozens of people over the next few months, and I had to decipher what information applied best to me. Then after that I had to figure out which brands to buy. And then after that I had figure out how to actually get my hands on the best products. It was too much, too complicated, too cumbersome. Why was there an underground railroad for grooming products? 

Nonetheless, I kept at it, and ultimately I bought into the brands that I thought best catered to me. Naturally, during this process, my interest spilled to products for my skin and body. I was becoming increasingly aware of my preferences and thought I was doing a great job with my product selection until one day I turned my bottles around and looked at the ingredient labels. My reaction was, “What the hell is this?”

You needed a chemical engineering degree to pronounce 80% of the ingredients! This concerned me as someone who tries to be conscious of what I consume.

I began the rediscovery process and talked to more friends. It turned out that they were having the same issues that I was - women and men alike!

As a Black consumer especially, it is hard to educate yourself, understand what works best, and find the right products. To add insult to injury, the big brands that claim to cater us often give false hope through marketing tactics by leveraging scents and colors and imagery to make us feel like their products truly fulfill our needs. But turn the label around and it’s a different story. Many of these products are chemically-based and contain harmful ingredients, leading to skin irritation, hair loss, and sometimes severe illness.

After doing research, I found countless articles and studies that pointed out the ill-effects of the industry's most popular products. Unfortunately, many consumers aren't aware and others can't easily access better options.

LUYA is born from this frustration. You should not have to sacrifice health for beauty. Healthy and high-quality products should always be readily available. Transparency should always be readily given. Information always should be readily accessible. People are more conscious than ever about what they consume - including food, media, and education. Personal care, beauty, and grooming products are no different. We deserve the best.

I want to demystify healthy personal care, beauty, and grooming. I want to take the guessing game out of product selection. I want people to look and feel good without sacrificing their health. I don’t want us to keep using harmful products simply because “I grew up using it” is our excuse. The saying goes that “If you knew better, you’d do better.” Well, LUYA is better.

By shopping at LUYA, you’re buying into a curated selection of healthy products. You’re buying into an experience that caters to you. You’re buying into a better you.

You’re worth it.

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