Building LUYA's foundation

When I first started building LUYA I had a laundry list of brands that I wanted to feature on the platform. A lot of names that you’ve probably seen on stores’ shelves. But as I continued to explore the product brand landscape and identify the true needs of today’s consumers, it became evident that LUYA had to be a safe space for conscious consumers to shop with peace of mind.

We have to be obsessive about our product curation to ensure that every brand that we host creates honest and withstanding products that coincide with consumers’ narratives.

Presentation can’t just be good. It has to be exceptional. Principles can’t just apply. They have to resonate. Products can’t just work. They have to elevate.

I’m happy to announce that today we are four steps closer to perfection with the addition of four new brands: Jacq’s, KAIKE, Kreyol Essence, and Plant Apothecary.

These four brands not only embody LUYA’s values of transparency and purity, but they are made by genuine people with real stories of love, care, and community. They believe in educating and serving consumers while also impacting the global social landscape.

The strength of LUYA’s foundation depends on the power and generosity of our brand partnerships. Today, our foundation’s core is stronger than ever to help you construct your personal care routine.

Let’s build.

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